About me

The Journey

So, let's date myself... As a 90s kid, I grew up with the web. And, in true 90s style, I made my first website with GeoCities for my Age of Empires II clan. It was amazingly terrible in all the ways you'd expect. But, I was so excited to share something I made with the world. Fast forward to today and I'm still just as excited. I'm interested in web browsers, computer networks, JavaScript and good tooling - basically, anything related to developing, delivering, distributing rich web applications.

Target Audience & Content

You'll find me writing about things that I've been learning. I like to write about new technologies and tools that I've been tinkering with. I tend to focus on the gotchas or insights over exhaustive tutorials. The reasoning is that step-by-step guides tend to "rot" over time as software evolves whereas good ideas don't.

Reach out!

I love to hear from former colleagues, classmates and like-minded people. If you find something interesting, incorrect or have a comment reach out on Twitter. I always appreciate feedback. Thanks for reading.